Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Dissident Disciples | Book: 1 Thessalonians

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

“Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson? Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away.”
Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson

In a 60 Minutes interview some years later, Paul Simon mentioned that some time after the song was released he received a letter from Joe DiMaggio in which DiMaggio expressed his confusion at what in the world that song could mean. DiMaggio wrote, “What do you mean ‘Where have I gone?’ I haven’t gone anywhere! I’m still around–I’m selling Mr. Coffee machines.” Then Paul Simon smiled at Mike Wallace and remarked, “Obviously Mr. DiMaggio is not accustomed to thinking of himself as a metaphor!”

DiMaggio didn’t realize that he had come to represent something bigger than himself. To really get the message of 1 Thessalonians, you have to realize that you represent something much bigger than yourself. What you have become is much bigger than you! Paul is speaking to the Thessalonians about what they are to do because of whom they have become.

Join us in worship as we learn why love has to be worked out in the practical details of our daily lives, and the grace we are given to do so as Paul tells us who we really are.

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