Preacher: Jerry Cisar

It’s not hard to find Christians today who might bemoan the fact that the church has lost a significant amount of its influence in culture today. We no longer have prayer in schools, people have to work on Sundays, and we no longer get to define marriage by Biblical standards. I cannot deny that there were benefits to such cultural dominance that is now long gone.

What if I were to suggest to you, however, that this may be the best thing that has happened to the church. I know, many might screw up their faces looking at me in response, but there is actually a wonderful benefit to all of the above for the church. [If you have a hard time conceiving of that being the case, I need only remind you that the church often flourishes in times of persecution. If that can be true of persecution, certainly it can be true of a mere loss of cultural power.]

You might wonder what any of this has to do with Gospel clarity. As we finish our series: Gospel Clarity: What is the Gospel? Why do we need it?, we are going to look at what might be Paul’s clearest Gospel summary (Rom. 1:1-7). Understanding the Gospel with clarity may help us understand why the church may well be in a great place for Gospel advance.