Preacher: Jerry Cisar

Do you have a bucket list? What’s on yours? What’s important to have on it? Does it help you focus on what’s important? These days, everyone seems to have a bucket list, but as believers, do we have those things on it which Jesus said would be important?

Last week I was prepared to give a short message around 1 of 4 parables Jesus gave concerning his return in Matthew’s Gospel. As it turned out, time did not allow for me to give that message. This week, since I have my normal amount of time, I’ve expanded that to cover all 4 parables.

People have all sorts of ideas about when Jesus is going to return and what it will be like after that. In these 4 parables, Jesus addresses none of that. Rather, everything they say about Christ’s return makes a claim on how we live today.

Join us in worship as we explore Matthew 24:42—25:46 in the message: Ready or Not, Here I Come.