Speaker: Ryan Carver | Book: Psalms

Speaker: Ryan Carver

Resting amidst a world of restlessness is not easy and yet this is what we see the Psalmist speaking of as we look at Psalm 4.

The writer is speaking about rest on a deeper level. A heart level. A level of trust and reliance on the God of the bible as he shows us what it looks like to trust God amidst terrible trials. How are we to sleep when everything is shaking? Can we have peace when there are so many problems? To rest amidst a world of restlessness sounds extremely hard.

Do you ever feel like there is no way out? Where does your heart run when the unthinkable comes your way? (too or from God?)

As we look at Psalm 4, we will see what David did as he felt trapped, attacked, dishonored, and that his God was being mocked.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2020/06/20200628.pdf