Preacher: Jerry Cisar

Psychologist Barry Schwartz concludes his TED talk on the paradox of choice with the image of a fish in a fishbowl, and he asks: How free is that fish? Yes, of course the fish is confined, but shattering the fishbowl, removing all constraints, would not improve the fish’s situation. In fact, it would destroy him.

The world and the rulers of this age rage against God and His righteous ways. The consequences are devastating. That little fish was not made to live in a fishbowl, but it was made to live in water. We are all made to live, to flourish within certain confines. And a key confine relates to worship. There is only one God who made all things so to worship and follow any other leads to destruction.

This week we look at the final series of 7 “disasters” (the seven bowls of wrath) which come upon those who refuse to repent of their idolatry. Honestly this section raises a lot of questions for most which we will explore.

Join us in worship as we explore Revelation 15-16.