Speaker: Jerry Cisar

What is the greatest obstacle to community in the church? The church is called to be a spiritual community and whatever else a spiritual community is, it is a community. Yet, many would object that their experience of church life has not been one of community. Why not? What keeps us from getting there? What is the great hindrance?

Some have never attempted to find community. Walking by the shop and seeing community on the mannequin in the window was enough for them to keep walking. No thanks! For them, sermons like tomorrow’s message are bothersome. “Who needs community? It’s not worth it. I’m doing fine as I am, and frankly I much prefer the Christian life without it.”

Others have desired community but been hurt. Still others have desired it, even attempted to pursue it, and have concluded that it is a big tease – that community really isn’t willing to be caught. Like Dorothy’s search for the great Oz, they think there’s nothing but a bumbling old fool behind a curtain that available to be found.

Some may assume that coming to Christ means we will automatically find ourselves in a church family filled with harmonious relationships, enjoying one another’s company all the way to heaven. It often doesn’t take long until they are quite disappointed. Why? Is it everyone else’s fault? Is there something wrong with me? Is it a great hoax? If it can be experienced, how? What must I do?

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2017/03/20170326.pdf