Preacher: Jerry Cisar

Lampstands, fire-breathing witnesses, a pregnant cosmic woman, and a water-spewing dragon. It’s no wonder Revelation isn’t the easiest book to understand. Yet, since it is God’s Word, we have to persist in it because it reveals something about how God is at work in the world that, though consistent with what is revealed elsewhere, presents its own unique facet.

Revelation takes off the sheet from the masterpiece of history, and shows us what is really going on. That Jesus Christ as the center of history and the transformer of history. The Lamb slain and risen, murdered yet alive, reveals not only the truth about God but constitutes the truth about all of humanity and creation. Jesus is not one of many ways to God; He is the center of history and the sum of its meaning.

In a world which is in idolatrous pursuit of freedom, personal kingdoms, and (most importantly) self-realization, Revelation calls us to come out from among them. We must witness in word and by our lives that Jesus is the only true King of the world, the promised good king for all.

Join us in worship as we continue our study of Revelation in chapters 11-12.