Preacher: Jerry Cisar

Text: Revelation 1:9-20 (NIV)

The church needs to awake from its slumber and there may be nothing more affective to this end than the voice of Christ sounding as a trumpet that we hear in John’s first vision. This vision is the start of the cure for spiritual sloth and disease. Oddly, it is full of grace and scrutiny, premonition and promise.

We jump into John’s first vision which involves his calling as a prophet and Christ’s role as priest and judge. We will also begin to explore the claims, the demands, Revelation places upon believers, a theme we will continue to explore throughout.

The popular approach to Revelation makes it all about future events that are not occurring right now. This neuters any claims Christ may make on those about whom it is written since they are, accordingly, not us. As we explore John’s first vision (1:9-20) we will see why such an approach chips away at the sufficiency of Scripture.

Join us in worship as John’s vision of Christ as priest and judge places Christ’s present ministry freshly in our gaze.