Preacher: Jerry Cisar

“Are you pre-trib(ulation), mid-trib, or post-trib?” or, more generously, “Are you premillennial, amillenial, or postmillennial?” The 1st question more or less assumes an answer to the 2nd. The latter question focuses on only one chapter in Revelation (20) and doesn’t say much of anything about how one reads the rest. They are largely unhelpful questions.

A more helpful approach might be to ask, as we would about any other book of the Bible, what its purpose is. Why it was written to the churches of Asia minor? What would it have meant to them? I find that when I approach the book with this in mind, I find a lot less to argue about and a lot more to agree on. It doesn’t solve everything but it’s a step.

This Sunday we begin with a half hour of silence (no we aren’t leaving out the singing… I’m talking about the half hour of silence in the text), work through one of the noisiest sections in the Bible with trumpets blaring, and will think about one seriously massive angel and his tiny little book-snack.

Join us in worship as we explore Revelation 8—10 paying attention to the silence, the sound, and the sweet-n-sour scroll.