Preacher: Jerry Cisar

A couple of weeks ago I was wrestling with what our next sermon series should be at Gulf Coast Community Church. A thematic study of patience and the need for it as God’s strategy for mission and witness, or to finish our series in Revelation (recall that we left off last year after the 7 messages to the churches). Of course, the two themes aren’t unrelated. The events of last week made the decisions easy.

I don’t say that because the attack in the Gaza Strip is somehow predicted in Revelation, but because it isn’t. In fact, while all the frenzy is being stirred up about these events and how they (supposedly) relate to Bible prophecy, the church needs a good dose of sobriety. There is never a better time to focus on what Revelation is really about.

Let me be clear: there is no timeline in Scripture to tell us when Jesus is coming back. Unless you think telling us repeatedly “it will be a long time in coming” is a timeline. So if the book of Revelation isn’t a timeline of end time events, then what is it? Now that is an important question.

Join us in worship as we begin again our series: The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Worship and Witness in a Winner-takes-all World.