Speaker: Jerry Cisar

James has told us to call on God for the Wisdom we need to persevere under trials. Now he tells us how that Wisdom will change our perspective on life. For the poor believers to whom he writes, it means a changed perspective that strengthens their ability to endure. For the rich believers who might be willing to take his counsel, it will mean a radical transformation of how they live.

James 1:9-12 says plenty, but there is only one thing these verses tell us to do; one action we are called to take. We are all, regardless of our position in life, told to boast (NIV: take pride). Boasting is largely a negative thing, so it is puzzling that we are told to boast. An in depth word study on the Greek word for boast will not solve the puzzle either. But that is the point.

These verses present us with a “riddle” in telling us what to boast in. It requires faith to understand the riddle. We all boast. We all express in both word and action what we confidently rely on…what we believe is true. James is telling us that we are to change our boast.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2016/05/20160522.pdf