Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: The Word Became Flesh | Book: John

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…. (John 1:14)

These words describe exactly what the Christmas season is about. We call it the Incarnation. That simply means the act of the Word becoming in-carne…in flesh. This verse in the plainest form describes it. But what does it mean that the Word became flesh?

Christmas is about the Word becoming flesh. Matthew and Luke zoom-in close to examine the lives of his mother and earthly father, his earthly enemies, the rulers whose decisions God orchestrates to bring about His will. John zooms-out to a distant point in the universe, strips away the the circumstances, the human story-line, and gives us the cosmic view.

John 1:1-5 introduces us to a person, the Word, and explains this person’s relationship to God the Father—a relationship explained and illustrated through the rest of John. In order to understand what is meant when we say, “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us,” we are going to examine John 1:1-5 so we can understand 1) what and who the Word is; 2) the Word’s relationship to God; and 3) the Word’s relationship to us.

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