Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: The Word Became Flesh | Book: John

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

In John 10, Jesus quotes, what is to us, an obscure psalm; a psalm that calls people, “gods.” That’s right; that is not a typo. And He uses it as a defense for why they—the people standing there holding stones with which to stone Him—are wrong to accuse Him of blasphemy. Ironically, many who read Psalm 82 might accuse it of blasphemy.

What did Jesus say that was so terrible that they wanted to kill Him? What relevance does Psalm 82 have to do with what was happening that day? What does all of this mean for us? If Christ were standing in front of us today, explaining this text, what concerns might He have for the church … for us?

In John 10:22-42, we will discover that these verses have a lot to say to us as the church today. In order to do so, first we will examine how the context of Psalm 82 speaks to the scene in John 10, then we will explore how Jesus answers a debate the Jews had about Psalm 82, and finally that will open up how Jesus’ appeal to the Jews of that day speaks to the church today about our mission to reach the world.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2017/12/20171210.pdf