Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: The Word Became Flesh | Book: John

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Most people who’ve been around a church know the story of Jesus turning water into wine. But do you know what it calls you to? John calls it a sign. A sign is a miracle, but by describing it that way we know it is not merely power on display, but points to something else. Like a digital sign on the interstate that tells you what the traffic is like on the bridge, these signs are acts of power we can see, but carry a message from heaven about a spiritual reality we cannot see.

What is the message which this sign communicates? John has already told us that to those who receive the Word made flesh, to those who believe in His name, He gives the right to become children of God. After this sign, we have the first explicit statement that disciples believed in Him. This sign tells us something of what it means to believe in, to place our trust completely in, Jesus. Plenty of people believe in the existence of Jesus, but that is not what John means when he says we are to believe.

It also teaches us how we are to bear fruit—much fruit. Surely if Jesus can turn water into wine, then if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, He will turn fruitless lives in to a fruitful vineyard (leading to an excess of wine!). Since faith and prayer are so intricately connected, this sign will also answer questions about prayer. Do you ever wonder if your requests are in conflict with the Father’s will? What are you to do? Maybe you are asking for a need to be met, but people tell you the Lord is using it to teach you something. Should you quit praying? Should you withdraw your request?

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