Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: Imagining the Kingdom | Book: Ephesians

Preacher: Jerry Cisar

In the first half of Ephesians 1, Paul praises God our Father for how He gloriously adopted us in Jesus Christ, a plan He had from before the foundation of the world, and a plan rooted in His love for us. A plan which made us heirs of God through Jesus Christ. As heirs of God, we have been called to live a certain way.

In the second half of Ephesians 1, Paul isn’t satisfied that we simply know the glorious truth of our adoption, He wants it to transform our lives into those of true sons who carry on the Father’s business. In order for that to happen, we have to see in a whole new light.

It’s like we’ve been living in houses with an entire side, that which faces God and spiritual realities, having no windows. Maybe a small hole to peak out is all. We have to have large windows installed on that side. Once we can see the realities of our adoption, we can reimagine how the world works. That will enable us to live the new lives God intends for us.

Join us in worship as we continue exploring our adoption as God’s sons and daughters from Ephesians in our series Imagining the Kingdom.

Handout: https://gccc-recordings.s3.amazonaws.com/handouts/20230702.pdf