Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Book: Proverbs

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

This weekend the Rays are playing the Orioles here at the “Trop” because there is so much unrest in Baltimore they had to close the stadium. None of us are strangers to the fact that 1) there are legitimate injustices that have been committed against the African-American community; 2) there are real injustices being committed in the name of justice in these riots; 3) there are also peaceful protests going on.

Could something written over 2500 years ago in a Jewish culture have any bearing on the unrest our nation faces today? I suggest that our text today not only speaks to each of our lives in a very practical way, but also has much to contribute to our nation’s current crisis.

The pursuit of Wisdom is never an exercise done in isolation from the world. In Proverbs 6, we discover that not only must the son make wise choices for himself in pursuit of a relationship with Wisdom, but that his actions have direct bearing on, not only his own life, but on the community as a whole.

Join us this Sunday as we examine the father’s instruction that warns against subtle forms of folly that sometimes come disguised as Wisdom.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2015/05/20150503.pdf