Speaker: Jerry Cisar | Series: When Life Gets Twisted | Book: Ecclesiastes

Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Exasperated, the Preacher of Ecclesiastes exclaims, “I’ve seen it all in the days of my futility!” It appears that seeing it all has left him with a perplexing question: “Who can find what is right and wise?” Coronavirus pandemic; societal injustices. Scan social media and you are left with the same question.

This is not asking two questions, but one. This is not a philosophical question (What is wise?) and an ethical or moral question (What is right?). In the Hebrew-mind the two were one. The Law was wisdom and righteousness. To find wisdom is to find what is the right action in any situation.

The question which our text puts before us, at times in a comical sort of way, is “Who, from this under the sun perspective, can find what is right and wise?” We can search, and search, and search, and find, but not find, and find, but not find wisdom. Man’s search “under the sun” is never satisfied.

Our text in Ecclesiastes 7:15-29, by itself, leaves us with an unanswered question: Who can find what is right and wise? At best the answer is not clear: God knows; people don’t. Well, until the God-man, Jesus Christ. How does He reveal to us what is right and wise? Just saying, “Jesus is the answer,” is no more helpful. What does that even mean?

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2020/06/20200621.pdf