Speaker: Jerry Cisar

Do we live redemptively? Or as Paul might put it, Are we living in a manner congruent with the Gospel? Are our lives being transformed into the image of the Redeemer such that we live redemptively?

Ruth 4 is a study in contrast between two characters. One is perpetually referred to as a redeemer and has all the optics necessary to be a great one. The other, gives first right of refusal to this first redeemer. He is willing to redeem, however, at great cost to himself. One is a pseudo-redeemer, the other the real thing.

It’s not that this pseudo-redeemer acted outwardly wicked. He did what was reasonable, what one might do naturally, which required no faith. “What’s His Name?” was merely living for himself, as the natural man, and not by faith in God’s covenant. He was perfectly within his legal rights, so no one would have thought ill of him in the community. In fact, some might have more readily thought Boaz the fool.

Join us as we explore Ruth 4 and discover what this seemingly strange little story about land and marriage means for us as followers of Christ today.

Handout: http://media.gccc.net/2021/06/20210606.pdf